Third Wall (Terceiros) and New St. Vincent Street

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Drawing | Sketching weight or thickness: 300 gsm texture: medium grain size: 42cm x 29,7cm (landscape) print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution). Urban Sketching gallery with drawing reproduction for sale. Desenhos de UrbanSketching para venda. Desenho do Forte de Santa Luzia (Elvas, UNESCO World Heritage)
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drawing (urban sketching)

Elvas, UNESCO World Heritage

weight or thickness: 300 gsm
texture: medium grain
size: A3 or A4(landscape)
print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution)

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about Santa Luzia Fortress

“Santa Luzia” Fortress is located in the most noteworthy town of Alentejo (therefore and Portugal): Elvas (EuroBEC).

The defensive complex of Elvas Square integrates this fortress along with the “Piedade”, “São Francisco”, “São Mamede” and “São Pedro” fortresses, as a result of the need for resistance at the border.

“Forte de Santa Luzia” is a fort built on a hill a few hundred meters from the 17th century walls in 1641 during the Restoration Wars.

It is probably one of the finest and most genuine remarkable examples of the European art of fortification. Furthermore, one of the most significant military monuments of this period and yet another masterpiece of Elvas military architecture. It was completed in 1648 ensuring extreme strategic value for the city.

First of all, it consists of four bastions with a quadrangular stronghold.
The governor’s house, the church and a bomb-proof vaulted house are located in the center of that structure. It has several barracks and two cisterns that would supply three to four hundred men for two to three months.

The “Santa Luzia” Fortress was always, and above all, ready for combat. It was the target of various harassments and various military actions, from the siege of the Marquis of Torrecusa in 1644 to the 19th century, involved it.
“Santa Luzia” Fortress had a pivotal position due to the heroic resistance of its men during the Elvas’s Lines in 1659 and the siege that preceded it.

The monument went into requalification works (1999-2000) in order to adapt him to the Military Museum. There, above all, the visitor can check all the military history of the city as well the various war artifacts that marked the some eras.