Landscape on the way to Abrilongo

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Drawing | Sketching weight or thickness: 300 gsm texture: medium grain size: 42cm x 29,7cm (landscape) print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution). Urban Sketching gallery with drawing reproduction for sale. Desenhos de UrbanSketching para venda. Desenho do Forte de Santa Luzia (Elvas, UNESCO World Heritage)
Sold By: Miguel Silva


drawing (urban sketching)

Campo Maior, EuroBEC

weight or thickness: 300 gsm
texture: medium grain
size: A3 or A4(landscape)
print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution)

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about Campo Maior Fortress

Campo Maior village (EuroBEC) is a Fortress located in Alentejo (therefore Portugal).

Bulwark Fortress: Masterful of bastioned path that forme irregular 10-sided polygon with some missing curtain sections.

Flanking the curtains and departing from the South sector and clockwise, it presents: the Boa Vista stronghold (in the drawing, with St. Anthony’s Convent in the center), Saint Sebastian’s stronghold, Portas da Vila, Lisbon’s stronghold , half stronghold of Curral dos Coelhos, stronghold of Santa Cruz, stronghold of Cavaleiro or São João, half stronghold of Príncipe, stronghold of Fonte do Concelho, half stronghold of São Francisco, half stronghold of Santa Rosa and poterna.