Holy House of Mercy

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Drawing | Sketching weight or thickness: 300 gsm texture: medium grain size: 42cm x 29,7cm (landscape) print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution). Urban Sketching gallery with drawing reproduction for sale. Desenhos de UrbanSketching para venda. Desenho do portão da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Campo Maior (EuroBEC – Portugal)
Sold By: Miguel Silva


drawing (urban sketching)

Campo Maior, EuroBEC

weight or thickness: 300 gsm
texture: medium grain
size: A3 or A4(landscape)
print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution)

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about Campo Maior Fortress

Campo Maior village (EuroBEC) is a Fortress located in Alentejo (therefore Portugal).

The entire municipality of Campo Maior is essentially agricultural and all its wealth is the daughter of the mother land.

It is abundant in cereals, olive oils, wines, pork and excellent fruits. In vegetable gardens and farms, vegetables are grown to supply the local market.

ts industries are derived from agriculture and only in the last decade have they developed rapidly. The old oil presses, which are unhealthy and unhygienic, have been replaced by other mechanics and in accordance with the requirements of modern technology. A beautiful wheat milling mill came to replace archaic water mills.