Cantos de Baixo Fountain

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Drawing | Sketching weight or thickness: 300 gsm texture: medium grain size: 42cm x 29,7cm (landscape) print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution). Urban Sketching gallery with drawing reproduction for sale. Desenhos de UrbanSketching para venda. Desenho da Fonte dos Cantos de Baixo (Campo Maior, EuroBEC, Alentejo, Portugal)
Sold By: Miguel Silva


drawing (urban sketching)

Campo Maior, EuroBEC

weight or thickness: 300 gsm
texture: medium grain
size: A3 or A4(landscape)
print type: professional inkjet printing (high resolution)

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about Campo Maior Fortress

Campo Maior village (EuroBEC) is a Fortress located in Alentejo (therefore Portugal).

The current fountain (1936) has nothing to do with the primitive fountain that was in the center of the square called the Cantos de Baixo.

The old fountain was dismounted and removed from the site to allow the circulation of the busses that had to go around Rua de Ramires, to Rua da Misericórdia, to have access to the Terreiro, where the power station was located.

This square has played an important social role for centuries. Then the men who worked in the fields as newsboys got together at the end of the day to socialize and that was where they went to the beginning of the day looking for employment contracts.

For women, the fountain, due to its location in the historic center of the village, was not only a place to supply water, but also a meeting point, a place to gather and circulate information about local life. Fed by an abundant spring, it rarely dried.