Luís Pedro Cruz, was born in Lisbon in 1959 (in fact, he never lived there,he lived in Moscavide the first years of life which he barely remembers. and then in Parede, which is clearly the place with which he identifies himself). He graduated in architecture but the drawing was always his great passion, eventually integrating him into his activity as an architect, both in the analytical and the design itself. This method of work is not alien to the passage at the beginning of his university education by the Higher School of Fine Arts of Porto that, at the time, was part of the architecture course and where the drawing was valued as work practice.

Almost thirty years ago he settled in the Alentejo and jumped between the Nisa City Council, Regional Direction of Buildings and Monuments of the South in Évora and Castelo de Vide Town Hall. He currently lives in Castelo de Vide.


In recent years he has been increasingly valuing the drawings, although in a context that integrates records of the places where he worked interacting with the local people, appealing to the collective memory as a way to revive spaces, now almost uninhabited, but which were part of the their childhoods, reconciling them with their places of origin. In the midst of all this there is his dog, companion in these wanderings, repeatedly present in the drawings that almost compulsively arise.

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