Alfonso Garcia is an Architect graduated at the University of Seville, Spain.
He joined the Urban Sketchers group in 2012 sketching almost everyday. Since then he made more than 900 sketches, mostly in Seville, but also in Italy (Rome, Venice, and Ferrara) and New York.

He was a lecturer at the course “Sketching the City” at the School of Architecture in Seville in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and specting to keep on with this lectures on the next years.
In 2016 some of his drawings were exposed at Ferrara and this October 2017, will show his work at Venice with Mattite in Viaggio.
He published his first book of drawings with a selection of 70 sketches from Seville, early 2016, with only 100 copies that were sold in a very short time. Now he is making a second edition with more pages and illustrations.
He has participated on the 4th volume of the Urban Sketchers Handbook by Stephanie Bower and this 2017 he was to be one the instructors at the USK 10 years in the city of Seville on March 25th with a nice result.
On April 2017, he teached with the architect Jose María Lerdo de Tejada (Professor of urbanism at the School of Architecture) a course about the art of sketching at the “Fidas Architectural Foundation” in Seville.
Drawing every time he can, now he is mixing his time, working on new architectural projects with the free time sketching the cities.


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